Project goals

  1. The aim of the project is to introduce innovative methods in learning and teaching with the use of digital technologies. This goal refers to the adaptation and implementation of an online platform that will support international cooperation and enable students to do distance practice and connect with IT companies around the world.

  2. All teachers of vocational education have the task of continuous adoption of new technologies in teaching and development of digital competencies. One of the main goals of this project is to train teachers to apply a new method of implementing practical distance learning and the implementation of an online platform in work and communication with companies in which student practice is implemented.

  3. This project is another way to introduce digital technology in teaching using an internet platform. This way of working will improve the competencies of students and their competitiveness in the labor market.

Expected project impact

All activities that will be implemented during the project will have a long-term impact on teachers, students of partner schools, but also their social partners and the wider community.

The activities of teachers and students in the project will improve their ICT skills and enrich the experience in applying the new method in teaching. It is expected that the development of students’ practical skills will improve their prospects for the desired career development. The project will have a positive impact on the motivation and interest of secondary vocational school students for practical classes.

The project is designed to contribute to the modernization of the learning methodology applied by vocational schools. By creating new learning materials, jointly developed by partner school teachers and business professionals, the project will contribute to the overall quality of educational programs.

As the project deals with the harmonization of students’ practical skills with the current needs of the IT sector, it will respond to the needs of the economy for qualified IT staff that will save them time and financial resources for retraining.

Target groups

The project seeks to respond to the needs of the following target groups:

  1. Teachers employed in the field of vocational education

  2. Students of secondary vocational schools in the field of Information Technology

  3. Social partners of schools

  4. Business sector