The first international meeting of project partners

The first meeting of the representatives of the partner schools of ETŠ “Mija Stanimirović” from Niš, the School Center Kranj and SPGE “John Atanasoff” from Sofia was held in Kranj 30-31. January 2020

This meeting also marked the official start of the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership project in the field of vocational education and training called “MORE CONNECTION FOR PROGRAMMING PERFECTION”. The meeting was attended by school principals, school team coordinators and teachers who will participate in the development of the platform.

During the meeting, the partners got acquainted with the project idea, goals and activities of the project. As part of the presentation of the work and achievements of partner schools, the current situation regarding the organization of practical classes in IT in Serbia, Bulgaria and Slovenia, as well as the challenges related to the organization of these practices were discussed. Special attention is paid to the proposal of the platform model for the realization of practical classes. In the continuation of the meeting, an agreement and protocol on cooperation between ETSH “Mija Stanimirović” and partner schools was signed.

Virtual training for teachers of all partner schools realized from 23.-25.09.2020.

The training was realized by 4 lecturers from three partner schools, Goran Petrović from ETŠ “Mija Stanimirović”, Magda Papić and Aleš Hvasti from the School Center Kranj and Veselina Marinova from SPGE “John Atanasov” Sofia.

On the first day of training 23.09. At the beginning, the participants were introduced to the Erasamus + project “More connection for programming perfection” and were introduced to the work plan and training objectives. In addition to the lecturers, the participants were addressed by Aleksandar Stevanović, director of the school “Mija Stanimirović” and Olivera Radenković, project coordinator.

On the second day of training 24.09. the following topics were covered within the workshop: adjusting the home page of the course, setting the calendar of course activities and getting acquainted with the ways of placing resources on the course.

At the beginning of the third day of training 25.09. The workshop “Ways of monitoring student progress” was realized with the following topics: monitoring of course activities, records of student activities, assessment of student work.

After the workshop, a final video conference of training participants was held on the topic “Distance teaching – exchange of experiences and examples of good practice” in which teachers and principals of all schools exchanged experiences on this topic.

Internal training for teachers of the school “Mija Stanimirović”

The learning platform was created in order for the practical teaching in the field of Information Technologies to be realized on the model of the communication model in software companies. If necessary, this platform can be used on other educational profiles within the realization of other subjects. For this reason, interested teachers participated in a one-day training for using the platform.

The implementers of the training are Olivera Radenković, Goran Petrović and Marija Veljković Milojković.

At the beginning of the training, the participants were more closely acquainted with the implemented project activities as well as with the activities planned in the coming period. This part of the training was held by Olivera Radenković, project coordinator and Marija Veljković Milojković, member of the project team.

Part of the training related to the platform was held by Goran Petrović, a member of the project team and one of the authors of the platform. Participants were introduced to the method of registration and registration of users on the platform, creating courses, enrolling participants in the course, assigning roles to course participants and other activities related to the application of platforms in teaching.