In accordance with the European and national education strategy 2020, a significant increase in the number of schools and departments for the education of students in the field of programming is envisaged, while in practice it has been shown that students are very interested in these areas. Programming is certainly an occupation of the future, but it is also very specific in terms of space for work and the way programmers communicate with employers. Following the example of the modern way of working in this area, the project is designed to transfer such a way of working into the implementation of practical classes in the field of Information Technology. The project includes the period of creating the platform, training for its use as well as its application in teaching.

The first international meeting of project partners

The first meeting of partners within the ERAZMUS + project of the Strategic Partnership in the field of vocational education and training entitled “MORE CONNECTION FOR PROGRAMMING PERFECTION” was held from 30-31. January 2020 in Kranj.

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Virtual training for teachers of all partner schools realized from 23.-25.09.2020.

The training for the use of the platform, which was made within the project “More connection fot programmimg perfection”, was realized through the same platform in the period from Wednesday, September 23rd. until Friday 25.09.2020. years.

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Internal training for teachers of the school “Mija Stanimirović”

On Friday 30.10.2020. As an activity within the Erasmus plus project “More connection for programming perfection”, internal training was held for the use of the platform developed for the needs of the project.

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